Artful Living at the Renaissance Faire

From the trill of bagpipes to the velvet strains of a harp, the breadth of entertainment at the Renaissance Faire was wide-ranging.

A view down one of the streets of a
recreation of a 16th century English Tudor village.
From an artist’s perspective, the Renaissance Faire was a wonderful place to view and purchase handmade wares created by skilled craftsmen.  Many village artisans also demonstrated and described the process of making their craft including glass blowing, weaving, blacksmithing and others.  These folks surely seem to be living an artful life.  Their art is an integral part of their lifestyle including the clothing they wear at the festival, the presentation of their craft using period appropriate tools and the handmade wares they produce.  Due to a drizzly start to the day, the crowd was minimal so I was able to get an array of unobstructed photos.  

We ended our visit with a jousting event where there were plenty of knights in shining armor.

Loom Weaving
Bagpipes at the gatehouse stage.
Vocal entertainment along the avenue.
Find your knight in shining armor.

 Look closely to see a piece of the lance flying
through the air in the upper right of the photo.

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