Artfully Yours Giftwrap Tutorial II

Shockingly simple yet delightfully elegant, I created this unique giftwrap so solve a travel dilemma.  When visiting Japan I had handmade gifts for various friends and acquaintances.  It was impractical to wrap these once we had arrived so the giftwrap needed to be TSA-friendly.  If you try to fly with pre-wrapped gifts you are likely to be required to unwrap the gifts for security screening.  As they say, necessity is the mother of invention so here is my TSA-friendly gift wrap.  You can use it even if you aren't flying.

You will need:
Secure the gift to the mat board
  • Mat board
  • Clear acrylic boxes
  • Decorative paper
  • Gold elastic cord
Step 1
Cut the matboard 1/4" smaller than the box.  Attach the gift to the matboard.  For a pendant, slots to slide the pendant cord in at the top are sufficient.  For a brooch, punch holes to fit the ends of the pinback then connect with a slit.  For other gifts you may want to use double-stick tape to hold the item in place.

Slide the assembly into a clear box
Step 2
Slide the gift and matboard into the clear box.  Close the end flaps.

Step 3
Cut a section of decorative paper that covers about 2/3 of the length of the box but will wrap completely around the width.  Secure with the gold elastic cord.

What makes this TSA friendly?  Without any tape, the covering can be slipped off and replaced at will.  The clear box makes the contents readily visible. Voila!

Secure decorative paper around the
box with an elastic cord

You can find surfaces and tutorials to paint the "Summer Trinkets" pendant (shown with this Artfully Yours gift wrap tutorial) as well as other materials  

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