Google Image Search

Many are apt to post all types of images on the web whether they are family portraits, scenic photos or a recently completed creative project.  Have you ever wondered where those images travel?  Now, thanks to the google image search tool you can find out.  This feature uses an image (no words) to search the internet for like images.

Google Image Search

As a designer, this allows me to find licensed product being sold on the web so I know where to direct someone seeking a particular product bearing my artwork.  It is also a great tool for monitoring published artwork to make sure it is not being used inappropriately.  

When viewing the results, scroll down below the matching images and you will find images with a similar look. These have the colors and feel of the image being searched but absolutely not matching, which can be useful for finding a coordinate for an existing image. Apparently the feature analyzes the image in order to pull up those with a similar overall feel but don't match in name, subject or even style.

With four easy ways to search, this feature is very user-friendly.

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