How to Identify a Font

So you saw a great-looking font and would love to use it in your next creative undertaking but have no idea what the name of the font might be.  You can try browsing through an untold number of fonts on various sites trying to guess whether the font you seek might be found under script, decorative, fancy, retro, or any number of seemingly endless options or you can give What the Font a try.  With this tool you can upload an image-- there are tips on making your query as successful as possible--or, if the text is online you can specify the image url.  To find the image URL "Control click" (mac) over the image on the web and choose "copy image address".

It's not a perfect system especially with elaborate fonts.  It will read groups of connected letters as one. 

If you don't get successful results using these resources you can tap into the WhatTheFont forum where you have access to a horde of font enthusiasts who can help you identify the font.  Once you have the font name you can search font sites and download the font, some fonts will be free while others request a donation or require a fee.  

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