Pirouette by Whimsies & Wishes™ for Studio e

In the blink of an eye!  Most of the time the world of licensing and manufacturing moves pretty slowly (a lot of hurry up and wait) so you've gotta love it when a project comes together quickly. It probably helps that this collection is a single design produced in multiple colorways.  Since striking out on my own at the start of the new year* I have had a Whimsies & Wishes™ scroll pattern selected to be produced as a "basic" for Studio e! Pirouette has now been released and you can have your favorite quilt store order it to ship in July.  The range of colors is wonderful and includes neutrals, pastels, jeweltones, darks and brights; all are shown here.  The possible color combinations are endless.  It is so hard to choose a favorite.   What a great inaugural launch for my independent endeavor!  Scroll down to see all of the beautiful colors from which to choose.

"Studio e" produces 100% cotton, premium quality fabrics in 43"/44" widths.  Your local quilt store can order them through Checker Distributors.  Checker does not sell directly to the consumer but you can view the fabrics on their site.  Although the fabrics are not scheduled for shipment until July 2013, your local shop can pre-order here. 
*At the close of 2012 I opted not to renew my contract with a licensing agency and give it a go as an independent licensing artist. 

Whimsies & Wishes™ is a division of Rebecca Baer®, Inc.


  1. These are beautiful! I have a friend who is an excellent quilter. Would it be okay to email her this page?

  2. Certainly Barbara! Thanks for the compliment & for sharing. At the bottom of the post you'll see an envelope icon with an arrow on it. You can click this to get to a form to email the post. Or it may be easier for you if you click on the post title and copy the URL to paste into an email. By clicking on the title you can send a link directly to this post. Otherwise the link will be to the blog homepage where the latest few posts are shown.


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