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17 July 2014

Autumn Painting & Card Projects

It may be Summer but fall is just around the corner.  Now is the time to get started on those Autumn painting projects. I've penned three articles for the October 2014 issue of PaintWorks magazine and each one is designed for your painting pleasure! If you are not a subscriber look for this issue to be on sale July 29th. This squash trio, pictured at right,  is painted on a removable canvas panel allowing you to change your decor with the seasons. You can also find a lovely doqwood design in the spring 2014 issue of PaintWorks.
Instructions for making the burlap pillow shown as well as two companion pillows can be found here.

In addition to the panel featured above you will find two articles on making cards with watercolor accents! The first is a pair of Halloween party invitations with wonderful drippy backgrounds. The party-themed text are separate stamps so even if you aren't planning to throw a party you can use the concept and stamped images to create a fun holiday project.   The second pair is focused on the blessings or heart and home.  They are a great way to remind loved ones that you count them as a blessing especially if you cannot be with them at Thanksgiving.  My color choices for this set are not traditional fall hues so these cards are suitable for anytime you want to make someone feel special.  Both card projects feature beginner watercolor techniques and a great way to try a new medium! 

We've created discounted kits that include the stamps, papers & twine for making these cards the kits can be viewed here and here.

Come as You Aren’t 
Simple to create yet splendidly artful, a touch of watercolor makes each of these party invitations an original no matter how many you make! I’ve used a variety of orange hues on the examples shown but you could fashion others using a range of rich violet or brilliant green hues and still present a contemporary Halloween theme.
Homemade & Handpainted Blessings 
Toned hues of red-violet and yellow-green provide the subtle backdrop for a brilliant pop of watercolor. Incorporating a splash of painting makes each handmade card unique and a special treasure for the recipient. The fast & fun nature of these cards will have you sharing Thanksgiving greetings near and far.

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