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14 September 2016

Have you ever wanted to take a painting class but it was not the right time or location?  Autumn Market Banner is available as an eCourse.  Now you can take a class at your place and at your pace.  To sign up, simply go to the Autumn Market Banner eCourse page and click on the big aqua button to enroll.

There is a surface kit available, which includes the Scalloped Banner Surface, Faux Iron Hanger & Enchanted Vine Stencil (large).
The full one hour and thirty-nine minute video is divided into eight segments called “lectures”. This allows you to watch a single topic at a time, and at your convenience, without the need to find your place in the eCourse each time. The maximum lecture length is just over sixteen minutes, most are less. The first lecture includes a PDF with the line drawing, supply list and an outline listing the colors and techniques used for each step.

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