Artfully Yours Giftwrap Tutorial I

Artful Living transforms the ordinary into extraordinary.  As a creative person, this aspect of your personality should shine through in everything you do.  This means that your artistry should extend, beyond the handmade gift, to eye-catching wrap.  This does not need to be complicated or expensive.   This artful giftwrap creates a pouch.   The wrap can be made in any size desired by simply changing the size of the original square.  The resulting pouch will be one fourth of the size of the initial square of paper.

What you will need:

1 Square sheet of decorative heavyweight paper*

I began with a plain 12" x 12" square of colored cardstock and used my Wave Twist stencil as a template to create a scalloped edge.  The same stencil was then used to decorate the front of the pouch.

Step 1
Position the paper "on-point".  In other words, it should be rotated 45 degrees so that it looks like a diamond rather than a square.

Step 1

Step 2
Bring the bottom point up to meet the top point so that the paper now resembles a triangle.  Crease the fold.

Step 2

Steps 3 & 4
Fold each of the bottom points of the triangle up to meet the opposite edge so the paper once again is a diamond. Crease the folds.

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5
Fold the the front layer of the upper tip downward to hold the side flaps in place. Crease the folds. Squeeze the side points to pop open the pocket to fill with your gift.

Step 5

I stenciled the front flap of the pocket with the silhouette design from the Wave Twist stencil using a paint in a lighter tint of the paper color.  I then stenciled the detail overlay with white.  To add a bit of bling I attached a silvertone snowflake charm using a brad in the upper oval.  A second brad is added in the lower oval.  Simply Elegant!  To make a manly version use a coarse texture paper with fiber inclusions.

RB Artfully Yours Giftwrap I

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