Farm Fresh! | North Market - Columbus, Ohio

This week we were in the heart of Ohio for a painting conference.  I look always forward to the last Saturday of the conference for one reason, the North Market.  This is a fabulous market in Columbus, Ohio and although the food choices are terrific all week long (gelato, bread, crepes, and all types of ethnic food) the Saturday outdoor market is a feast for the eyes!  There is produce of every shape, size and color.  Another designer and I have a standing date to wander the market, purchase veggies, meat and cheese and take an abundance of photos. 

This year was no disappointment.  The flowers, eggplants, tomatoes and berries were absolutely beautiful and it pained me not to purchase more than I did, but I took lots of photos for painting fodder.  I only wish I had the time to enjoy more of the events offered. On the outside there were the usual food vendors including beef, chicken, herb, flower and veggie purveyors as well as a balloon artist for the children and live musicians.  Inside were the established vendors who offer a wide variety of exceptional food on a consistent basis.  This is definitely worth the visit when you find yourself in Columbus, Ohio.
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