RB Gel Effects™ Crystal Clear Embossing Tutorial

Rebecca Baer® Clearly Elegant™ Stenciling Gel can be used as a photo transfer medium, but RB Stenciling Gel is so much more! It is acid-free, waterproof, flexible, and dries to a crystal clear gloss finish. These attributes make RB Stenciling Gel the perfect medium for use with Rebecca Baer® Stencils on any type of surface, including wood, plastic, glass, metal, fabric and all types of paper crafts. 

Crystal Clear Embossing

The simplest dimensional technique is created by spreading Stenciling Gel over any of my stencils for a truly elegant, crystal clear, tone-on-tone embossing effect. To do this, position the stencil on the surface to be embossed. Secure the stencil with removable tape. Mask surrounding areas and nearby motifs with the same.

Crystal clear embossing shown on frosted glass
For smaller motifs, use a palette knife with an angled blade to gently spread Stenciling Gel over the stencil so that it is smooth and level. Larger areas, such as the full back­ground stencils, are covered more quickly using our 3” x 5” Flexi-spreader™. Do not use excessive pressure as this may force gel beneath the stencil.
Lift the stencil and set the surface aside to dry. Because RB Stenciling Gel is permanent, stencils & tools must be washed immediately with warm water.  If cleaning must be delayed, drop the stencil into water to keep it wet.
The Creative Stenciling Techniques II provides instructions for an ex­tensive variety of techniques that build-on or incorporate crystal clear embossing.
The example above shows a sampler that I created with the RB gel on frosted (etched) glass.  The clear gel creates a gem-like effect that is dazzling on a glass candle container.  For ease of gel application, a container with flat sides is preferred. 
Resource Information
Rebecca Baer® Clearly Elegant™ Stencil­ing Gel is available from www.rebeccabaer.com

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