European Farmers’ Market – Bangor, Maine

The European Farmers Market in Bangor, Maine is delightful experience with a vast array of prepared ethnic foods along with fresh produce, meats and cheeses at your fingertips. 

Our initial visit was on a chilly, rainy day when most outdoor markets would have been washed out. The European Farmers Market is held year-round, rain or shine, under the protective cover of a small greenhouse. With a central aisle lined on both sides with vendor’s tables, we tasted and purchased our way up one side and down the other.

Izzy's Catering
From Izzy’s Catering we had a Rosemary-scented apple and nut tart that was delicious. Not too sweet with just a hint of rosemary and a buttery crust. You can see it there on the table just in front of Izzy. Also from Izzy’s table we sampled mushroom piroshkies and meat-filled piroshkies with beautiful golden crusts. With so many items available we had to limit our intake although the key lime tarts looked very tempting.

At Bubbie’s Homemade Soups and Jalapeno Jellies we had an incredible Transylvania soup with a complex flavor profile. The rich broth-based red soup was loaded with bacon and kielbasa, cabbage and white raisins, which plumped up in the hot soup. It had just a hint of sweetness accented by both cinnamon and paprika. Here we also sampled plain jalapeno, apple jalapeno and pear jalapeno jellies. The combination of fruit and peppers gave the jellies a nice twist. 

To go with our soup from Bubbie’s we bought chicken arepas from another vendor. Arepas are created using corn meal flour and have a flavor that brings tamales to mind.

Sunset Acres offered a variety of meats, sausages, eggs and cheese. Here we picked up chorizo, bacon, beef and veal scaloppini. I think next time we’ll have to give the lamb a try. We also bought a container of Sunset Acres chèvre (fresh goat cheese), which goes exceptionally well with Bubbie's Jalapeno Pear jelly.

Fisher (organic) Farm displayed a variety if vibrant fresh produce. Here we found carrots, chard, turnips, tomatoes, mesculun salad mix and more that will keep us full of veggies all week long. I can't wait to make a beet and carrot salad topped with chèvre.
Next we encountered a charming couple offering spinach empadas and beef empadas with a wonderfully bright and herbaceous green chimichurri sauce made with parsley.

Here we also sampled a delicate cake with a hint of lemon and a touch of coconut.

We finished our tour with Greek delicacies from Panteli’s Greek Cuisine. By this time I was wondering how we would consume all of our tasty treats so we just picked up a few spanakopitas. We are hoping she will have another of those beautiful tomato tarts when we return.

The market, located at Sunnyside Greenhouse, 117 Buck Street, Bangor, ME, was easy to find and had ample street parking. Approaching from the south on Rt. 202, Buck Street is just after the large Paul Bunyan statue on the left. The market is open year-round on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. Our best advice is “do not eat before you go”. We would have loved to buy more but can only eat so much. Next Saturday is another day.

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