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Originally featured in the debut issue of Christmas 365 magazine this delightful hand-crafted box filled with your own homemade creations is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.  I created this project using velvet paper but any paper you have on hand will suffice.  What makes this box truly eye-catching are the stenciled motifs giving it a "little drummer boy" or "twelve drummers drumming" Christmas flair.  


Stenciling the paper

Stencil the velvet paper prior to assembling the box so that you can work on a flat surface. Stenciling with paint on velvet paper is very forgiving even for a stenciling novice. The absorbent nature of the paper minimizes paint-bleed allowing for crisp edges and expert results.
Fig. 1
  1. Begin by cutting each of the paper elements according to the templates provided. All three designs used to decorate this box are found on the single Fancifuls stencil [Fig. 1]. Secure the paper to your work surface to keep it from shifting
  2. For the box sides, Rotate Fancifuls motif “A” 90 degrees counter clockwise then rest the motif along the score line at the base of the box. The template defines the desired spacing for the motif repeat when the center lines on the motif rests over the dashed blue lines on the template. Once you have the stencil in place, secure the stencil and mask nearby motifs with removable (low-tack) tape. Figure two shows how to position motif “A” as well as the repeat.
  3. With a clean, dry #2 stenciler, pick up a small amount of Evergreen paint on the bristles. Wipe the brush repeatedly on a soft, dry paper towel to distribute the paint and remove excess so that it is almost dry. Pounce or swirl gently to deposit color through the stencil openings. When complete, reposition the stencil as shown to stencil the entire length of paper [Fig. 2]. Set aside.
  4. Refer to the lid band paper template to identify the region to be stenciled. Use motif “B” to stencil the paper for the side of the lid with Napa Red on a clean, dry 1/2” stencil brush. This requires three repeats of this motif to stencil the full length of the paper. Set aside.
  5. Fig. 2
  6. For the top of the lid, use Fancifuls stencil Motif “C” centered on the velvet paper circle. The outer edges of the motif will extend beyond the circle [Fig. 3]. Stencil the motif with Napa Red. When complete, rotate the motif 45 degrees clockwise and stencil again to complete the medallion [Fig. 4].
Fig. 3
Fig. 4

Fig. 5 
Crafting the box

  1. Cut each of the box components from flexible (poster-weight) cardboard. Score and apply markings for cuts as directed. Apply RB double stick craft tape where indicated then cut away the light blue triangles. 
  2. Bend the cardboard along the score line and then remove the red liner from the tabs along the base of the box. 
  3. The box bottom is the smaller of the two circles. Attach the box sides to the bottom as shown. 
  4. The box should come together with the ends butting against each other. If you circle was cut a bit shy you may have overlap. Connect the ends with a strip of RB double stick craft tape straddling the seam on the outside of the box. Do not remove the red liner from this strip tape until you are ready to attach the velvet paper. 
  5. In the same manner, assemble the lid components. The ends of the lid band overlap. Secure with RB double stick craft tape. 
  6. To attach the paper to the box, remove the red liner from the second strip and the end strip of RB double stick craft tape on the paper. Likewise, remove the liner from the tape on the box seam. For stability, do not align the box and paper seams. Align the scored fold along the upper edge of the box and adhere. 
  7. Remove the red liner from the tabs of paper along the base of the box. Fold over to attach the paper to the bottom of the box. 
  8. Remove the red liner at the top of the box and fold the excess paper to the inside. 
  9. Use the same procedure to cover the rim of the lid with the alpine velvet paper. 
  10. Remove the liner from the velvet paper circles. Adhere the tomato circle to the bottom of the box and the Alpine circle to the top of the lid. 
  11. The completed box is shown with a purchased sugar gingerbread man attached.
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