Creating Decorative Paper

Is it possible to be frugal and spectacular at the same time?  Absolutely!  As a creative person you are sure to have leftover supplies from a variety of art & craft projects.  Perhaps you have an array of colored card stock or heavyweight paper that is suitable for all types of crafts or creative gift wrap accents but it is rather boring. Maybe you have embossing gel or gilding supplies, chalk pastels, powdered pigments or a paint rack full of color options all needed for a project or two but now set collecting dust. Now is the time to experiment and find that creative spark.  It's only paper.  If they turn out great, you have discovered a new technique and have usable decorative paper.  If not, then no one needs to know. 

Try some of these techniques to create dazzling variations.
  • Dimensional stenciling such as "Crystal Clear Embossing", "Pearlescent Embossing" or try the same technique using glitter in place of pearl-ex.
  • Pressure embossing which is best using lightweight paper as a ball-tipped stylus is used to press the paper into stencil openings.  Simply lay a stencil on your work surface (a light box is even better but not necessary for translucent papers such as vellum) and place your paper on top.  Trace within each opening with the stylus pressing the paper firmly.  
  • "Gilded Stenciling"  While this tutorial link shows the process on glass the same procedure and products are used for paper!
  • These and a wide array of other techniques suitable for all types of surfaces are illustrated and explained in our Stenciling Technique booklets Vol. IVol. II.  Both booklets are available in English.  Booklet I is also available in Japanese and Booklet II is available in French.
Your beautiful custom papers are perfect for adding your own personal creative touch to my Artfully Yours gift pouchmy TSA-friendly gift wrap or accenting my Artfully Yours food-safe wrap.  
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