Super-Easy Enamel Look for DIY Jewelry!

I have tried what has seemed to be an unending array of varnishes looking for that perfect enamel-look for my jewelry surfaces and ornaments.  Most that I tried had at least one negative, some had several including being smelly, messy, requiring precise mixing and needing strong solvents for clean up.  One even turned my jewelry yellow/orange ruining several pieces.

Now I can finally shout from the rooftop "I found it"!  The perfect odor-free, water-based, no mess, easy-to-use, high gloss finish!

I demonstrated this lacquer at my recent seminar and we couldn't hand it out fast enough.  I displayed several samples and they were not able to consistently choose which sample was finished using the smelly two-part epoxy and which was the super-simple 3D lacquer.  It is that good!

Here is the basic process. No brush required.  Snip the tip of the pointy bottle to create a small opening.  Gently squeeze the bottle as you trace the perimeter of the surface.  After completing the perimeter squeeze the bottle to fill the interior area.  Allow to dry.

This finish can be applied with precision accuracy.  Try applying in selective areas to add dimension the specific elements such as christmas bulbs or a single flower.

  • The lacquer is self-leveling so the surface must be flat. 
  • Trace the area with the lacquer to create a dam before filling the center.
  • Allow to cure overnight even though it dries in a short time.
  • Use on a variety of surfaces including paper.
Even though my search may have been long and winding the results are worth the wait!
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