Artfully Yours Giftwrap Tutorial IV-Food-safe & easy!

What an artful way to gift a handmade treat!  This food-safe cellophane bag is embellished with a super-easy stenciling technique then finished with a custom handle. Although shown sporting Christmas colors you can change the card stock and pearl-ex colors to fit any occasion.  The link in the materials list offers a range of Pearl-ex options to match your chosen color schemes.  Go formal with black and white accented by gold or silver mini brads or use the brads to add a splash of color.  Dress it up with a print or use shaped brads to convey a theme. The possibilities are endless!


*The purpose of the cardboard is to stabilize the bag for embossing.  Any firm cardboard scrap is suitable.
Slide the cardboard stabilizer into the bag.  Tape the bag to your work surface taking care to pull it taut so that the surface is smooth and wrinkle-free [Fig. 1].

Fig. 1
Rotate the Strokework Classics stencil 90° counter clockwise and position the allover motif over the bag as shown  [Fig. 2].  Secure with removable tape.

Fig. 2
Place a small mound (visually estimate one Tbsp.) of RB Clearly Elegant Stenciling Gel and mix in 2 large pea-sized lumps of Blue Russet Pearl Ex.

Use the 3x5 Flexi-spreader to gently smooth the gel mixture over the stencil. The result should be a thin layer without ridges that is just slightly thicker than the stencil. Do not use pressure or “scrape” the stencil clean, as this will force gel under the stencil and cause smudges.
Carefully lift the stencil straight up from the bag to avoid smearing the gel. Immediately drop the stencil in water. As long as the stencil is placed in water the stencil may be cleaned at your convenience. Do not allow the gel to dry on the stencil.

Fig. 3
Set the bag aside and allow the gel mixture to air dry [Fig. 3].Use the template to cut the handle from green cardstock.

You will need to enlarge the template to full size so that the long side (when flattened as shown below) measures six inches from tip to tip. Score and fold along the dashed center line [Fig. 4].Cut the accent strips (one red and one narrower green for each end [Fig. 4]. 

Back the green strips with 1/4” RB Double-stick Craft Tape. Remove the liner and adhere one to each of the red strips per figure four.
Next, mark the placement for each brad and pierce the cardstock with a pointed object or use a tiny hole punch if you have one on hand. Insert a brad into each hole [Fig. 4].

Fig. 4 (Template) Enlarge as instructed above. 
Download full-size template here

Use two rows of RB Double-stick Craft tape on the back of each assembly and mount onto the handle as shown [Fig. 4].

Fill the bag with your homemade treats or other treasure.

Fold over the top of the bag and tape or staple closed. Using removable tape will make the bag resealable. If you have a vacuum sealer appliance you can use it to heat seal the end of the bag so that it is air-tight. This allows you to package your treats in advance without concern over the contents becoming stale.

Use 1/4” RB Double-stick Craft Tape to attach the handle on both the front and back of the bag as seen in the photo showing the completed bag.
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