Foodie Finds: Chase's Daily - Belfast, Maine

 I am a carnivore. Well, technically an omnivore but, given what's coming next, carnivore seems more dramatic.  By mere chance we found ourselves in a vegetarian (not vegan) restaurant.  This is not something we would have sought out but as we were happening by (on a quest for breakfast) we noticed that the place was packed, and for breakfast no less.  We entered to find that there would be roughly a 30 minute or so  wait for a table but once you get your name on the list you are free to roam about town and periodically check on your status which, makes the wait seem more tolerable.  Once seated we received menus, were given ample time to make our choices and decided upon omelets which came with breakfast potatoes and our choice of toasted homemade bread.

Between the two of us we had the butter top and wheat 
varieties.  Again there was a relatively long wait between placing our order and our food's arrival at the table.  Our food arrived hot and delicious.  The bread (both kinds) were exceptional.  The butter top white had an exquisite cake-like texture with a rich, buttery taste while the whole wheat had an underlying whisper of cinnamon and a slight sweetness.  The bread alone was worth the visit and we were delighted to find it sold by the loaf.   
The omelets included flavorful cheese choices as well as mushrooms, greens and herbs.  the breakfast fries were a cross between sliced home fries and crisp potato chips and were quite good.  As a matter of fact, you don't even notice the absence of meat.  The best part is that this only covers the front half of the establishment.  

As you migrate to the rear of the building, midway you find scrumptious baked goods prepared onsite and a cheese case with a nice variety of options. 

In the back you encounter fresh produce direct from the family farm, beautifully displayed, a delight for the eyes as well as the palate. 

Many of the unique aspects of Chase's Daily are only available at select times and the restaurant hours are peculiar to say the least.  For example, dinner is only served on Friday and a cooked breakfast of eggs, french toast or pancakes, etc., is only served on weekends.  The rest of the week you must settle for a choice from their glorious selection of freshly-baked pastries. The farmer's market is only Tuesday through Saturday, in the afternoon, so you will miss out on these bountiful selections if you opt for the weekend brunch.

Located in the charming coastal city of Belfast, Maine Chase's Daily is a family run, farm-to-table restaurant presenting vegetarian fare done right; but be prepared to wait.
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