PS Tutorial: Automated Image Processing

You can save multiple image files from layers using a preset script in photoshop.  This allows you to quickly create files with a single command rather than create a new image for each individual file.  To do this, begin with a new canvas and place each image in the file as a layer.  Name each layer accurately as these will become your file names.   Once you have added and labeled all of the images in the file save it as the master file. This file will remain in layers.  

To create thumbs from the individual layers select file>scripts>export layers to files.  A new window will open allowing you to choose the file location, the file name prefix, the file type and quality, as shown in the image at right.  You may also notice a check box for exporting visible layers only.  You would use this if you had layers in the file that you did not wish to export.  Click “run” and, in a matter of seconds, each layer will be exported as individual files to the location you specified.  A window will appear letting you know that the export layers to files was successful; click okay.  

Take a look at the location you specified for the image files and you will see the files that were created.  When creating the files PS inserts a four-digit number between the prefix you specified and the layer name.  You can leave this or choose to remove it.  It does no harm and would require renaming each file to remove it. 

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