Peach Brûlée - Fresh Peach Recipe

Fresh peaches and caramelized sugar topped with rich vanilla ice cream.  What a glorious summertime treat!   As the ice cream melts it mingles with the caramel notes of the burnt sugar.  
This super-simple recipe  uses direct heat to brûlée the sugar allowing the peaches retain their fresh flavor and firm texture.  If you want to prepare these at an outdoor gathering or avoid heating up the kitchen you can use a torch for browning.   

Preheat broiler on high or use a torch.

This recipe can be made for one or a crowd.  I use 1/2 of a peach and one scoop of ice cream  per person.  If you are having dessert in place of dinner you might want both halves; I won't tell--peaches are healthy after all.

Halve fresh peaches and discard the stones.  Press the cut side in brown (or turbinado) sugar and place on foil under broiler.  Broil until the sugar is molten and bubbling and just beginning to smoke.  Remove from the oven and allow to cool until they can be handled without burning yourself but are still warm.
Top each half with vanilla ice cream and serve immediately.

This is such a quick and easy way so enjoy fresh peaches without a lot of fuss.  As an alternative to ice cream you can top the peaches with freshly whipped cream.

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