Artfully Yours Giftwrap Tutorial V - Paper Purse

Present your favorite homemade goodies in the handcrafted paper purse.  The purse can be customized and resized as needed to suit your gift-giving needs.


   Stenciling the trim
  • Tape the velvet paper to your work surface to prevent shifting. Mark the strip at the center of each end to aid in aligning the stencil.
  • Position the simplistic motif from the Wave Twist Petite stencil centered on the paper.  Secure with removable tape. Stenciling with paint on velvet paper is very forgiving even for a stenciling novice.  The absorbent nature of the paper minimizes paint-bleed allowing for crisp edges and expert results.  The color will absorb into the paper so it will not appear bright.  Do not add extra paint to compensate for this.  If you wish to intensify the color simply repeat the procedure to apply a second coat prior to moving the stencil.
  • With a clean, dry #2 stenciler, pick up a small amount of True Red paint on the bristles.  Wipe the brush repeatedly on a soft, dry paper towel to distribute the paint and remove excess so that it is almost dry.  Pounce or swirl gently to deposit color through the stencil openings.  When complete, reposition the stencil to complete the second strip of paper.  Set aside.  Allow the paint a few minutes to dry and then proceed to the next layer.
  • Overlay the detailed motif centering it on the simplistic stenciling. Secure with removable tape.
  • Place a small mound (visually estimate one tablespoon) of RB Clearly Elegant Stenciling Gel and mix in 2 large pea-sized lumps of Sparkle Gold Pearl Ex.
  • Use the short side of the 3x5 Flexi-spreader or a palette knife to gently smooth the gel mixture over the stencil.  The result should be a thin layer without ridges that is just slightly thicker than the stencil. Do not use pressure or “scrape” the stencil clean, as this will force gel under the stencil and cause smudges.
  • Carefully lift the stencil straight up from the velvet paper to avoid smearing the gel.  Immediately drop the stencil in water.  As long as the stencil is placed in water the stencil may be cleaned at your convenience. Do not allow the gel to dry on the stencil.
  • Set the paper aside and allow the gel mixture to air dry.  Use the clean, dry stencil to repeat the gel embossing procedure on the second strip of velvet paper.  Reserve leftover gel mixture to trim the bag embellishment created from the handle scraps after cutting the bag parts from the templates provided.
  • After cutting the front and back of the bag, trim the rounded edge of the handle scrap with sparkle gold.  To do this, spread a thin layer of leftover gel mixture on your palette.  Roll the curved edge through the gel and set it aside to dry.
  • When the velvet strips have dried use the scalloped edge of the stencil as a template to create the decorative edges on the velvet paper. Use the soft touch spring punch to create holes for the brads, at the intersection of each wave of stenciling.  Insert a brad into each hole.  
  • Likewise, punch a hole in the crescent scrap handle cut out.  Refer to the finished bag.  The crescent will be placed just below the handle opening. Insert a brad and slip a spiral clip behind before tightening.
   Crafting the bag   
          Download Template 1  
          Download Template 2  
To save the templates right-click on the image after it has fully loaded.
These charming purses can be created in any size simply by resizing the template.  For printing tips reference this tutorial on printing patterns
    • Use the template (1) to cut the base from green cardstock.  Score and fold along the light grey lines.
    • Using the box front and back template (2) to cut, with a sharp craft knife, two pieces from the lined collage paper.  Save the cut out scrap from the handle. Decorate as directed above.
    • Back the green velvet strips with 1/4” RB Double-stick Craft Tape.  Remove the liner and adhere, centered, one each to the bag front and back.
    • Use 1/4” double-stick craft tape to attach the crescent to the front of the bag as shown.
    Smaller purse using scraps
    • Referring to the numbered flaps on the template, fold the center flaps of the base up and remove the red liner from the tape.  Fold the sides without tape in to attach to the flaps.  Remove the liner from the remaining sides and fold over the existing flaps.  This creates an open-topped box to which you will adhere the completed bag front and back.  Mount the front and back cutouts centered on the box with 1/4” double-stick craft tape.

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