Eat More Cheese! - Belfast, Maine

Oh what a find! Eat More Cheese is a delightful haven for cheese lovers.  With a wide array of choices, ranging from creamy and delicious triple-creme Delice de Bourgogne to aged hard cheeses, this quaint shop is a delight for any cheese enthusiast.   At their new, larger store they now offer Proscuitto Pio Tosini, Speck, Pancetta and other sliced-to-order meats.

The owners are a welcoming couple and instantly make you feel at home.  They graciously provide a sample of any cheese you wish to try, which is very helpful when deciding among so many enticing options.  In addition, they will cut the portion you request.  We like to purchase smaller portions, so that we can try an array of cheeses, and are never made to feel this is any inconvenience whatsoever.

In addition to cheese they offer related specialty food such as salame, crisps-too delicate to be called crackers-that allow the cheese to be the star, dried fruits, nuts and spreads.  Oh, and goat milk caramels!  These are marvelous!

The nicest feature (aside from the incredible cheese) is the friendly, unpretentious atmosphere that is so often missing from fine food establishments.  This store is a winner all around.

You can find Eat More Cheese in their new location at 94 Main St. in downtown Belfast, Maine. 
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