Protect your Original Content with Copyscape

Have you ever wondered if the content you read online is original?  What if one of your  readers or customers found the same text presented verbatim on another site? This could raise questions as to who produced the original content.  Perhaps you write informative posts or detailed tutorials and want to make sure they have not been plagiarized elsewhere.  

You can search for like materials on the web using copyscape.  Simply go to copyscape and, in the search box provided, paste the url for the content you wish to search.  Copyscape will return results of content that is duplicated elsewhere on the web.  
When searching for specific content such as a blog post, click on the post title for the post-specific URL rather than inputting the home page address.  Copyscape will return the top results with links to the pages where the same content has been found.  If you find that your content has been plagiarized you can then take steps to have it removed from the offending site and preserve the originality of your website or blog.
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