Creating a Storage Rail

Whether your workspace is a table or a countertop you can add a convenient storage rail using common items found at the hardware store.  In keeping with the vintage look of the zinc counter in our studio/store we opted to use electrical conduit.  Connectors are available if the length of your workspace exceeds the length of the conduit but we chose to use the connectors as end caps so that the raw edge of the pipe was not visible.  These also lend an industrial look that is appropriate for our space.  You can see the connector attached to the end of the conduit in the upper frame of the image at right.  In the lower frame of the same image you can see the support brackets we selected to mount the rail.  Because our counter has a trim board below the countertop it provided a horizontal surface for attaching this style of support.  You may need to use a different style of support or attach blocks to act as spacers depending on the clearance you have for placing your rail.  

You will need enough clearance around the rail for hooks to pass over it.  In the photo at left you can see how our chosen supports mounted on the underside of the trim board beneath the counter.  Mount several supports along the length of the rail so that it is securely attached. We spaced ours roughly three feet apart.  Next you will need a bunch of hooks.  Shower hooks work fine although the arc doesn't need to be that big to fit the conduit. You may be able to find some attractive wrought iron hooks at a local craft fair.  Hooks designed to hang pots in the kitchen are also an option.  I found shower hooks on clearance so that made the decision easy.  Now often-used items will be readily at hand for anyone working at the counter.

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