Sorting Posts onto Blogger Pages

Although my interests are many and varied, perhaps you visit my blog for a singular purpose.  In that case you may not want to see the marvelous recipes or my latest product releases.  I don't get that; but hey, to each his own.  It also stands to reason that your visitors may not be interested in your many layers as well.  In that case we need to categorize our posts onto topical pages so everyone can view only what is of interest to them and ignore everything else.  Yes, they might miss some great stuff but we don't want to lose readers wading through topics in which they have no interest.  Let's get started.

Assigning Pages

In order to sort your posts onto pages that appear either as tabs along the top of your blog or links in the sidebar you first need to assign a label to each.  The sorting label must be the same name as your page name but your post can have other labels assigned to it as well.  For example, this post includes the label "tutorials". Thus it appears under the tutorials tab.  
You assign labels by clicking on the labels icon appearing in the right sidebar when you are composing your posts. Decide how many categories (pages) you will have then make sure every post includes a label for one of the pages.

Creating the Pages

While in your blogger dashboard select "pages" in the sidebar at the left side of your screen.


Choose "new page" and then "web address" as the type of page that you wish to create.  This will lead to a window where your enter the page title (which appears on the tab) in the upper field and the url to that category in the lower field.  In a new window find the url as described below.

Finding the URL for the Page

Remember those labels that you assigned to each post?  This is where they become useful.  Scroll to the bottom of a post and select the label that you assigned that coincides with the page on which you want it to appear. 

This example is from one of my posts using the label "Made from Scratch".

Click on the label.  In the address bar of your browser you will see label.  Notice how there are some characters and numbers within my label name in the url.  That happens when the label is made up of more than one word.  That is why I go to the label and copy the url rather than just type the label name at the end.

Copy the url and paste into the "web address" field noted above.  Do this for each page, i.e., label under which you wish to sort your posts. Click Save.  

Select how you want to display your pages.  You can choose top tabs or side links.  If you would like some of your pages to show as tabs and others as side links follow this tutorial on dividing your pages.  I have divided the pages on this blog.

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