Watermelon & Kale Salad

Serves Two

In our home we love kale, so it frequently finds a place on our table.  Elements of sweet, and sourcome together with a touch of salt to create a delightful combination. The crunch of candied walnuts and creamy bleu cheese add the finishing touches to a wonderfully balanced dish.  This simple salad is quick to prepare and very refreshing. 


1 slice of watermelon, deseeded & chunked
4-5 Curly Kale leaves
Candied Walnuts
Bleu cheese

Fig Balsamic Vinegar*
Walnut Oil*


Substitute the fig balsamic vinegar with an aged balsamic vinegar (I prefer 18 year or older—it is very mellow and has an element of sweetness). Then add sliced dried or fresh figs to the salad.

If walnut oil is not available, use a quality extra virgin olive oil.


Remove the stems from the kale.  Coarsely tear the leaves.

Raw kale is tough so it needs to be massaged to tenderize.  To do this toss the torn kale in the bowl of a stand mixer and set the speed to low.  As the blender tenderizes the kale it will become a deep, rich green.  

To the kale in the mixer (mixer is still running) drizzle honey, vinegar and oil.  Sprinkle with a pinch of salt.  Taste for sweet/tangy balance. Total time 2-3 minutes.

Place the dressed kale in a bowl.  Top with watermelon and sprinkle the melon with a pinch of salt.  

Finish the salad with candied walnuts and bleu cheese.

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